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Japanese retailer UNIQLO celebrates Sega


As part of a "unique" t-shirt line, Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO has unveiled a series of t-shirts celebrating three of Sega's iconic series: Sonic the Hedgehog, The House of the Dead and Virtua Fighter. The shirts feature simple, iconic designs (like Sonic's face, seen here, or individual VF characters), come in multiple colors, and cost only 1500 yen ($14.65) each. In short, they're just the kind of thing we'd like to see.

We'd say that, as usual, these are only available in Japan, but UNIQLO actually has stores in the UK, as well as one in New York. It is, then, possible that these have made it outside Japan, or may soon! We're just glad to be reminded of a time when Sega fandom was possible.

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