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Rumor: Microsoft motion controller code-named 'Newton'

Justin McElroy

After one of us who shall remain nameless had to sing Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" on a certain podcast as the result of a lost bet, we've learned not to doubt Jacob Metcalf. You may remember him as the first to report the Bungie/Microsoft split. He says he's once again tapped his inside sources to get more information about a motion controller reportedly under development at Microsoft, which he claims is codenamed "Newton."

Metcalf reports that the controller is fundamentally like the Wiimote in design, with a USB-powered sensor bar and "rumble motors, wireless two way data communication with the 360, a built in Microphone for Xbox Live and voice-activated games." It's sounds great, but, as Metcalf says, we hope it comes with a free USB hub. We're filling slots faster than our grandmother in Atlantic City.

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