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Europe will get MGO beta too

Majed Athab

According to Eurogamer, Konami has told them that a European Metal Gear Online beta will be announced "shortly." This is excellent news for Europeans, especially for the lot of you trying to sneak onto the Japanese beta sign-up but keep getting locked out. Naughty. In any case, you can stop the nail-biting anxiety now. Also, cancel that planned trip down to the pub -- the one you usually reserve for occasional grumblings on being left in the dark again.

While Euros await the chance to pounce on a sign-up, North Americans are sitting at home with paranoia for the past few weeks safeguarding their beta access codes from potential intruders. We're keeping it under lock and key, and behind a sawed-off shotgun. See, getting things early isn't always that much of a slick deal.

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