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MTV talks to black professionals in gaming

Ross Miller

Much like what she did last year with women in games, MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John is in the middle of a week-long series that looks at black professionals in the video game industry. So far she's talked to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Crystal Dynamic's Morgan Gray and Nerjyzed Entertainment's Brian Jackson. Tomorrow's entry will be an interview with SCEA producer Felice Standifer.

Similar to the last series, topics of discussion include the perception of black people in games, the struggles with diversity in the industry and how it affects the end product (i.e. the game). Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Gears of War's character Cole Train are discussed on multiple occasions. Concluding his interview, Croal threw out an idea for a Dance Dance Revolution title that would actually teach you how to dance, which the rhythmically-deficient folks at Joystiq would love to get our off-time hands on.

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