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Samsung's t339 for T-Mobile: yep, it does HotSpot@Home

Chris Ziegler

Thanks to a few BlackBerrys, we can keep our standard "there aren't any HotSpot@Home-compatible smartphones!" argument to a minimum here, but still -- you've gotta admit that T-Mobile's seriously going overboard with the midrange WiFi handsets. It looks like the upcoming t339 flip will be yet another, thanks to FCC documentation showing the presence of 802.11 aboard its thin, brownish shell. For what it's worth, this could end up being the sexiest HotSpot@Home dumbphone yet (we're not huge fans of the Katalyst's look, we admit), but still, guys, give us an N95 or something. Please. No release date here yet, but we'll keep y'all in the loop.

[Via phoneArena]

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