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Screen Grabs: Dahlia Malloy can't decide how to hold her iPhone

Nilay Patel

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Dahlia Malloy certainly has plenty of issues on her mind -- she's living a false life as Cherien Rich, she's married to a compulsive liar and con man played by Eddie Izzard, and she's this close to going back to jail -- but that still doesn't explain why she didn't notice her phone was upside down on last night's episode of The Riches. Making matters worse, she was talking on it the right way up earlier in the show, which means we're betting Minnie Driver did this on purpose to get our attention. That's got to be it, right? Second grab after the break -- check out that reaction to browsing at EDGE speeds.

[Thanks, Gadgnormous]

"Please don't make me use the mail client again!"

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