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Sprint saying goodnight to the Treo 755p? UPDATE: Nope!

Chris Ziegler

Feeling pressure from its smaller, sexier, newer cousin -- and every other smartphone, for that matter -- it looks like the Palm Treo 755p has taken its final bow on Sprint. With the Centro stealing the overwhelming majority of the Garnet limelight as of late, it seems there may be little business justification for another Palm OS device on Sprint's network; ironically, Verizon's version just launched four months ago, so we wouldn't sound the final death knell for the devicejust yet. For what it's worth, the classic Treo form factor lives on Sprint thanks to the 700wx -- another Palm device that's getting just a little long in the tooth (like 2006 long in the tooth). We'll admit, we'll probably shed a quick tear or two when the old-guard Treo line finally takes a permanent vacation in favor of newer, more modern looking designs, but we're not really mustering much eye moisture for the 755p here.

[Via Brighthand]

Update: We've gotten word straight from the horse's mouth that the 755p isn't discontinued -- it's merely out of stock, hence the disappearance from Sprint's site. They're "addressing [the] temporary outage of inventory," though, so if you've got a hankering for the larger Garnet piece in Sprint's lineup, hang tight!

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