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Details on Fallout 3's Collector's Edition

Majed Athab

It looks like yet another triple-A title will be getting the special edition treatment. This time, it's Fallout 3's turn to join the high-end club with its Collector's Edition set. Revealed through an advertisement on GameStop's website, Fallout 3's Collector's Edition will include the following:
  • Vault Boy bobblehead
  • 100-page hardcover art book
  • Making-of Fallout 3 special DVD
  • Metal Vault-Tec lunch box
It's a pretty standard set of goodies for this sort of thing. The lunch box will surely be interesting as it'll double as both a game case and an actual lunch box. Imagine the look on people's faces when you show up to work/school with such a thing in your hands. The price for the PS3 Collector's Edition: $79.99. The extra cost compared to the regular version: $20. The comforting feeling that only a gamer's lunch box gives after being beaten up in the school cafeteria (or co-worker ridicule): priceless.

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