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Gay kissing is slightly worse than severed heads, welcome to America


Parent-oriented video game site had a poll earlier this week which caused the site's own editor to post W.T.F. on his personal blog. The results of the unscientific poll showed that respondents were almost equally disturbed by the idea of a "graphically severed human head" as they were by "two men kissing" in a video game. Respondents were actually far more offended by a man and a woman having sex, which received 37% of the vote, while dropping the F-bomb only received 10%.

As GamePolitics points out, the results are in line with traditional American values and legal precedent, which holds sex to a different First Amendment standard than violence. We're not judging one way or the other, but we know what actions might cause us to pause (possibly take a photo) if we saw them on the street and which would have us calling the cops.

[Via GamePolitics]

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