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One Shots: Warp drive active

One of the things that can prove most imposing about playing EVE Online (at least to this blogger who is a relative newcomer) is watching a pile of ships drop out of warp right next to you. One moment you're relatively alone, the next, you're surrounded by ships. (And there's always that moment of "am I about to get podded?" that goes through your head....) This image, sent in to us by Rodj Blake, shows a pile of ships -- from tiny to enormous -- warping to a planet together as part of a recent RP event in the Amarr system. So very cool to see!

Do you have a great screenshot of you and your friends playing together, RP world (universe) events, or perhaps a great PvP battle? If so, drop them in a mail to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Yours could be one of the ones featured here!

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