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Bungie Pro free with H3 Legendary DLC purchase

Dustin Burg

Last night's Bungie Weekly Update brought great news for future Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack purchasers (whose fileshare is getting bloated) with the announcement of a bonus offer.

For a limited time (how limited, we aren't sure) anyone who purchases Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack DLC will receive a four month subscription to Bungie Pro for FREE! Already have Bungie Pro? Then you'll get an additional four months tacked onto your subscription. Easy as cake! Now be sure to thank Bungie for the added bonus come Tuesday. We'll start the appreciation chain ... "thank you Bungie!"

We shall also mention that the Bungie Weekly Update covers changes to Halo 3's matchmaking playlist for the month of May including the removal of Team Control and addition of SWAT. Make the jump to read about all the playlist deets.

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