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Dragonlings invade Metaplace!


Cross a government Systems-Analyst with Areae's Metaplace, and you might get dragons. At least get if you're Metaplace alpha tester "chooseareality". Areae's latest community spotlight shines upon "chooseareality" and her new game, Dragonlings. She used the Metaplace game-creation toolkit to make an adventure game where you, as a newly-hatched dragonling, must make your way through the world, learning, exploring and growing to full adulthood. "chooseareality" had tried several times to make this game and others using conventional tools, but until she'd started with Metaplace, had never been able to leap the learning curve enough to actually get a game written. Metaplace's tinting and scaling tools helped extend a few original pieces of art into the dragonling characters for the whole game.

Do Metaplace, VastPark, Kongregate and others that showcase and help with the creation of player-written games popping up all over mean a new Renaissance for gaming? Finding the best games out of the hundreds we're sure to see would probably be a worthy game idea all by itself....

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