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E-TEN gets even more official with M810 and M750 WinMo sets

Chris Ziegler

Remember that M810 that E-TEN announced for its glofiish line of Windows Mobile-powered goodies at MWC? Yep, well, they've announced it again -- along with its underachieving little brother, the M750 -- along with full details and a promise of availability in just two to three weeks. The QWERTY-clad monsters both support WiFi, feature 2 megapixel cameras, GPS, Bluetooth, and 256MB of onboard storage; the lesser M750 makes do with EDGE for wide-area data while the M810 steps it up to HSDPA. If they were coming out of the gate with Windows Mobile 6.1 we'd be whooping and hollering, but they're merely 6 -- to start, anyway -- so nothing to get too excited about. Unless you're into 3.5G data, GPS, and keyboards that glow blue, that is.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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