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Monster Cable tries to harass Blue Jeans Cable, fails

Nilay Patel

Monster Cable's got a pretty shady history for a variety of reasons, but high up on the list is the company's notoriously aggressive legal team, which routinely threatens companies with litigation if they don't pay license fees or otherwise settle over trivial matters. Well, in an ironic turnabout, it looks like Monster's lawyers didn't know what they were in for when they sent a cease-and-desist letter to EHD favorite Blue Jeans Cable recently: the company's founder, Kurt Denke, was a federal litigator for nearly twenty years, and has no intention of backing down. He's making his reply to Monster public, and while it's essentially very similar to what any company's lawyer would have written up in response, Kurt doesn't have to be nearly as polite, which makes it a pretty fun read. Monster's basically saying that Blue Jeans Cable is using connectors that are too similar to Monster's, and Kurt does a pretty good job of taking them to task for being bullies -- all while pointing out that even if they do win, they won't get much, and he'll have made life very difficult in the meantime. Full letter, chuckles included, at the read link.

[Via Audio Junkies]

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