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Ottovonmo's locking HDMI cables solve a problem you likely don't have

Darren Murph

For the vast majority of home theater aficionados who don't wake up grumbling about how their collection of HDMI connectors have somehow wiggled free from their sockets overnight, we'd probably stick to the cables you're currently using. For folks living in Earthquake-prone territories or with children who just love to snatch, however, Ottovonmo's locking HDMI cables could be just the thing you've been dreaming of. As the title implies, each cable has a locking mechanism that requires an intentional movement on your part in order to disengage it. Based on ProVideo Coalition's impressions, it actually worked well in testing -- but then again, we wouldn't expect anything less for $59.95 (three-foot version) and way, way up.

[Via ProVideo Coalition]

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