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Rumor: Dragon Quest V dated for Japan


Word is that we're about to find out that Dragon Quest V will be released in Japan this summer, thus ensuring that nation has just as great a summer as we'll have here in the U.S. The remake was originally slated for this spring, but, clearly, it's been delayed. Of course, we've still not heard whether or not Dragon Quest IV will make it across the ocean, but that doesn't mean they won't. After all, in recent memory, Professor Layton was all over Japan long before we heard about the English localization, and we're pretty sure that Square Enix enjoys money, so it seems likely that the Dragon Quest remakes will make it over here eventually.

For now, however, those of you with an eye toward importing DQV, look toward July, and keep your fingers crossed for us poor saps who can't read it in Japanese.


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