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Fun with the Arena server

Amanda Dean

I had the opportunity to play on the Tournament Realm with Amanda Miller and Adam Holisky on Friday night. Yes, we got schooled but we had a great time. As Amanda mentioned I rolled a Resto Druid, but I specced short of tree form. I was most interested in mobility. I usually heal arenas as a Resto Shaman. I really enjoy the mobility of the druid, and I'm afraid I would lose that in tree form. Take a look at my spec, for those of you who know Druid better than I, tell me where can I improve?

I absolutely love the tournament realm. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to play Druid, and it encourages me, and I may very well level one on my live realm. I think I will try a Warlock next. I've enjoyed the tournament server so much that I haven't even logged into my home realm. I would probably get bored with just playing WoW as an E-sport full time on an arena realm, but I've found the realm to be worth the price of admission.

If you're truly interested in improving your arena game or want to experience different classes I highly recommend rolling on the tournament server. The arena queues are considerably faster on that server than I've ever experienced on my home battle group. There are many people dueling. Although only 3v3 teams get to play for the big money, there are still plenty of folks signing up for 2v2 and 5v5 matches.

One thing that I have noticed is that the vast majority of the teams that I've squared off against were on Horde side. I wonder why that is. Is it that Arena players are drawn to the Horde? Does the Horde have better racial abilities?

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