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Touchy TV: quick start guides surface for the LG Vu

Chris Ziegler

While we're all twiddling our thumbs and waiting patiently for next month's Vu release on AT&T, we suppose some reading materials couldn't hurt, right? We've found no earth-shattering surprises in these quick guides that are filtering their way into corporate stores, but we do think it's kinda funny that they're pushing Cellular Video right alongside Mobile TV on page one; then again, with a MediaFLO launch that covers just a fraction of AT&T's total coverage area, we suppose we'll still need some entertainment when we're out in the sticks. Video Share instructions are here, along with the comforting reminder that a light finger press is sufficient to operate the Vu's touch screen -- so yeah, we're pretty much educated and ready, AT&T. Bring it on.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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