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Burnout Paradise 'Cagney' update to include three new online modes

Jason Dobson

With about seven days until Burnout Paradise's second update, codenamed Bogart, and just over a week since promising to transform the game's crash-centric Paradise City through a series of downloadable content updates, Criterion has announced that it is currently kicking the tires on three new FreeBurn game modes, adding online flavor to Stunt Run, Road Rage, and Marked Man.

According to Criterion, the online variants of both Stunt Run and Road Rage will support up to eight players at a time, while the number of drivers supported by Marked Man has not yet been specified. The trio of modes will be lumped in with the first of three previously announced expansion islands, codenamed "Cagney," and while no release date has been announced Criterion has confirmed that we can expect all three to pull up to the stoplight over "the next 12 months."

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