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GT5 could maybe possibly come to Chinese PCs, perhaps

Kyle Orland

Oh, that Kazunori Yamauchi. He loves to tease us. In an interview with Germany's derStandard (partially translated by develop), the man behind the Gran Turismo series says it would be "very, very improbable that GT will come out on another console." No surprise there, but then that little scamp of a developer entices us with a line about the series "perhaps [coming] to the PC. Particularly [for] the Chinese market."

Of course, a PC version would be the only sane choice for the Chinese market, where the PS3 is not officially released and the PC dominates the gaming scene -- and Yamauchi didn't even confirm that such a Chinese PC version exists. But we can just imagine how this quote will morph and mutate in the hands of fanboys, until, sometime soon, someone will ardently argue that Yamauchi actually confirmed an Wii version of GT5 would be out any day now. Mark our words ...

[via PS3Fanboy]

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