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Variety: GTA IV expected to make $400M in first week


Variety has been told by "sources close to publisher Take-Two Interactive" that Grand Theft Auto IV is expected to earn $400 million in its first week on sale, handily trumping Master Chief's $300 million space hoop slam dunk. Reportedly based on retailer orders, the prediction sees six million gamers purchasing Rockstar's latest during the week of April 29 and contributing to "possibly the biggest debut ever for an entertainment product." Unsurprisingly, this matches the positive outlook shared by several analysts, with Michael Pachter predicting 9 million sales by Halloween. Our recent (thoroughly unscientific) poll found that more gamers were leaning towards the Xbox 360 version.

As for Take-Two's alleged predictions, such results will likely prompt the publisher to invest in a moat around its castle -- perfect for warding off pesky invaders.

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