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9 million answer Call of Duty 4, DLC breaks records


Oscar, Mike, Golf! Infinity Ward announced today that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has sold over 9 million copies worldwide since release. The company followed up that news by stating the new Variety Map Pack (costing $10) allegedly set a new Xbox marketplace record by having over 1 million downloads in its first 9 days of release. The map pack will be available on the US PSN next Thursday, Europe on May 4.

Infinity Ward also released some statistics (we lovez numbers) that over 30 million sessions and 30 million hours have been logged since the new maps released, which is about 1.9 billion minutes of nuggets noob tubing lost to the ether. COD4 has been in a battle for Xbox Live supremacy against Halo 3, with the two titles switching first and second place over the last couple months.

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