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AoC mounted combat makes us say, "neigh!"

Chris Chester

Among the many things that should differentiate Age of Conan from the current pack of MMOs (that is, besides nipples) is the ambitious mounted combat that the game will sport from day one. You see, some games try and sneak in mounted combat months after the release and it's just not the same. Not Age of Conan; Funcom seems committed to shipping with their full pallet of features at the table. has a pretty slick write-up of their impressions of the mounted combat, with role playing and everything. Of course, while we found ourselves extra hyped up about the upcoming release, upon reflection we realized that the preview actually told us very little we didn't already know. And since not everybody won their way into the the PvP stress test, we had to curse Grom for getting our hopes up. Still, if you're looking for an morale boost in lieu of the game's launch a month from now, it's definitely worth a read.

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