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It Came from the Blog: LFM


It Came from the Blog is now recruiting. We are a fun guild that is looking for casual members. We are always happy to help... when we're not on our mains on our regular servers. If you are interested, PST.

I always feel bad for the guilds who are so hungry for members, they will invite anyone who sends them a tell. Yet, here I am making the same offer. If you are interested in hanging out on Zangarmarsh (U.S.) with WoW Insider writers, participating in monthly events and wearing a prize-winning tabard, then you are cordially invited to join us in the Horde guild: It Came from the Blog.

Some of us will be on from time to time, but if you want to be assured of a guild invite, please join us this weekend (Edited for accuracy):
  • When: 3pm PDT, Saturday, April 19th
  • Where: Zangarmarsh (U.S.)
  • Faction: Horde
  • How: Send Robiness a tell for invites
Check out the good times we had last year. While we have even more fun planned for our re-emergence, we would love to hear your suggestions and requests. Leave them in the comments here or email them to me at Robin.Torres AT weblogsinc DOT com. I hope to see you Saturday!

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