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Sony files to protect AppliCast trademark, questions abound

Darren Murph

So it's not like we haven't seen companies file to protect trademarks that actually aren't ever used, but the latest one being shielded by Sony is quite intriguing to say the least. Late last month, Sony filed to protect AppliCast, which somehow relates to "application software pre-installed in television sets to download icons; television sets; LCD television sets; PDP television sets; projection television sets." After a little digging done over at Trademork, it found further information from Sony suggesting that AppliCast could be used in BRAVIA sets to give owners "new ways to enjoy using networks." More specifically, it mentions the utility making it "possible to look up information on the internet while watching television." Yeah, our imaginations are certainly running wild here, but until we see that icon pictured above slapped on a box, we'll be holding down our hopes.

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