Mitsubishi LAZRTV and LAZRTELEVISION trademarks surface

Thanks to CES being over and all, the latest Mitsubishi trademarks to surface aren't at all surprising. Apparently, the company went ahead and locked down LAZR last November (um, okay?), and now it has given us two more hints as to what the sets may eventually be called. As of late last month, Mitsu has filed to protect the trademarks LAZRTV and LAZRTELEVISION, despite society's growing frustration with model names spelled with Caps Lock depressed and numerous vowels inexplicably missing. 'Course, only time will tell whether the firm will actually use these monikers when its Laser TVs are finally loosed, but we'll go ahead and credit Motorola for giving 'em the idea (in a roundabout way, at least) in the first place.

[Via Trademork]
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