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Darkrai distribution events coming to Toys R' Us May 31 - June 1

If that headline appeared nigh undecipherable to your uninitiated eyes, count yourself very, very lucky, and quickly move on to the next story. Those whose hearts and pokeballs perked up upon seeing that teasing title will be happy to know that the heretofore uncatchable Darkrai, of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fame, will be made quite catchable come the weekend of May 31 - June 1, when participating Toys R' Us stores will digitally distribute the inn key required to reach said public enemy no. 491.

Though it's been a year since the monster enslaving simulator was released, we're sure that the retailer will find themselves slammed by DS-wielding trainers-in-training over the course of that weekend. We doubt that the avarice of many a poketrainer has been slaked by the current digital menagerie -- as they march onward into adorable battle, do they shout, "Gotta Catch All But One or Two of Them?" No, their kind is inclined to catch them all, and then, in some terrifying cases, their shiny counterparts.

[Thanks, Jenni.]

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