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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 hitting the greens on June 3

Are you a fan of the professional golfing scene, but wish that Tiger Woods' head was a tad more hydrocephalitic? Feel disappointed when your long drives aren't punctuated with high-pitched squeals and rainbow trails? Whether you're a soon to be fan or a returning wedge-wielder, we're sure the news of a North American release date for the sequel to the PSP's premier anime-inspired golf simulator, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, will bring tears of joy to your dinner plate-sized, sparkle-filled eyes.

Sony recently confirmed that the game, appropriately titled Open Tee 2, will hit store shelves June 3, and will tout an 16-player online tournament mode (making up for the original game's complete lack of online support) and an 8-player ad-hoc match play mode. If you've never been exposed to Clap Hanz' peculiar take on the ancient sport, you can get the full version of Open Tee the first on the Playstation Store for $10.99 -- a mere fraction of the cost to hit the big boy links, and without all that pesky walking.

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