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GDocsUploader puts Google Docs API to use


TUAW reader Vinod tipped us off to GDocsUploader, a small application for drag-and-drop uploading of Office documents to Google Docs. It's a wrapper around a Python implementation of the Google Documents List Data API. The API, which is limited primarily to uploading and searching, has been around for a while now, but we haven't seen too many Mac applications make use of it.

This app is simple, open source and duly small. A notable drawback of GDocsUploader is its use of AppleScript keychain scripting, which is notoriously slow and not altogether reliable (might I suggest something more usable?). It also gets a little sketchy with reporting transfer results, but that could possibly be an issue on the Google side. Overall, once you get through the first round of Keychain-doesn't-like-AppleScript (or was it vice-versa?) problems, it's a great little drop-point for getting Google its docs. Grab it at Google Code.

Thanks, Vinod!

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