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Motorola's ZN5 gets clearer, Kodak co-branding and all

Chris Ziegler

So this is where the Kodak teaser shot is leading, eh? A clear full-body shot of Motorola's upcoming ZN5 candybar has finally hit the web, appearing to borrow a number of fresh design elements from recently-spied models (take the keypad font, for example, which we've seen on Verizon's unannounced Moto clamshells, and morph tech from the E8). Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how great that 5 megapixel Kodak sensor really is -- the lack of 3G is pretty unforgivable in the year 2008, even if Motorola intends to restrict this model to Asia, which in itself doesn't make terribly much sense for a company that should be concentrating on a global turnaround.

[Via Unwired View]

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