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Sega destroys the world with new RPG

Eric Caoili

Not to be outdone by The World Ends With You, Sega has announced its own apocalypse-impending RPG in the latest issue of Famitsu, World Destruction. With Masato Kato, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Kunihiko Tanaka managing the game's script, music, and character design, Image Epoch (Luminous Arc) is also working on the production, clearing up at least one of the developer's three mystery projects listed on its company site.

World Destruction
will be a traditional RPG with turn-based combat and giant bosses filling up both of the system's screens. Following Blue Dragon and Inazuma Eleven's example, Sega will accompany the game's summer release with an anime starting July. Turn your Bible to the Book of Revelation and head past the post break for a glimpse at two of World Destruction's characters.

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