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Ask Engadget: What's the best digital camera for a child?

Darren Murph

Kids these days. Gifted with cellphones before they're able to walk, texting before they can write and wrecking mum's DSLR before they can even earn an allowance. In order to nix that last issue, many parents are looking to snag a point-and-shoot that wouldn't be too overwhelming for the average kiddo, yet could stand the abuse and churn out somewhat respectable images. According to Sean:

"I have tried a couple of child-specific digital cameras on the market and have been unhappy with them. They are poorly made and take really crummy pictures. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that takes decent pictures (over 3-megapixels, please) and that you'd be comfortable turning over to a 10 year old?"

We'll go ahead and assume Mr. Sean wants to keep the price point low, and while finding a kiddie camera with decent quality may be tough, feel free to include suggestions in comments for digicams you've had that have survived unspeakable catastrophes. Want to get your inquiry up in here next week? Shoot us a line at ask at engadget dawt com and we'll see what we can do.

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