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LotRO, A Look Back: Book 9


Less than two months after launch, the first content patch added Book 9: The Shores of Evendim on June 14, 2007. Not only did it include a continuation of the epic storyline, but it also released a new zone -- the aforementioned Evendim. This is the land of the Dúnedain that Elendil and his people settled in after arriving in Middle-earth from the destroyed island of Númenor. Though Elendil died away from home, and his body was never returned, a great tomb was erected for him. The tomb remains empty of bodies but contains many treasures -- treasure that certain brigands might be interested in obtaining for themselves.

Along with the new zone came the game's first large-scale raid instance: Helegrod. This was an ancient city built by Dwarves that was assaulted by the evil dragon Thorog. Wielding the powerful sword Mírdanant, Durin the fifth slayed Thorog but was killed in the process. Ever since attempts have been made to retake the city, but some evil prevents the Dwarves from reclaiming it. It is up to your hero, with 23 of his/her best friends, to defeat the evil inside once and for all.

Gameplay-wise, huge improvements to the profession of Farming and the music system were made, and the Champion class received its class review (the first one, that is). Many more quests were introduced to smooth out the leveling at higher levels and the first collectible armor sets were seen.

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