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Of the Spellborn PC, personal experience points, and adventure!


There's been a lot of talk recently about special collector's editions. Are they really worth the money? Chronicles of Spellborn may have just made the ultimate deal here. For about 1200 Teuros (about two grand in US dollars), they've teamed up with Ultraforce to sell you a game and the custom gaming rig on which to play it. You just can't beat a deal like this. A highly anticipated MMO and a speedy Core2 Duo processor, twin GeForce 9600s SLI on an nForce 750i motherboard and custom Spellborn case art... No idea whether it comes with a three day head start, though, and we can hope those aren't the minimum system specs to play the game.

We've been seeing a lot of beta screen shots out of Spellborn, but there's been too many shots showing static scenes with perhaps a person standing in them but precious little action. The beta testers finally came through for us with a dozen adventuring screen shots and there is plenty of action to be seen. The screen shot above showcases how different the characters you create can look -- the woman in front is gray-haired and chunky but still looks good in her steel-and-silk bikini. She doesn't have to run fast; just faster than the doomed, thin girl lagging behind.

Spellborn is currently due to release world-wide in Q4 2008. They'll have some tough competition. The Spellborn devs just (like, a minute ago) put up a new beta video showing off their Personal Experience Point system. The PEPs are gained through PvE and grant permanent buffs to your character ... provided you don't die. Good stuff, and you can be one of the first to see it! Click on through to watch the video below the cut.

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