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2.4.2 patch notes updated


The Official 2.4.2 Patch notes have been updated with a variety of new class and item changes that should be live on the PTR right now. For the most part, the class changes are just bug fixes, some of which were already listed, but have been moved from the bug fix section to their proper class section. However, Paladins and Hunters have recieved some very interesting changes.

Boar pets have recieved what looks like a massive hit to their aggro potential with a general nerf to Growl, but in return, there's been a slight buff to Aspect of the Viper and a major buff to Scare Beast. Raiding Hunters have also been buffed in that Elixir of Demonslaying now works for ranged attacks. Retribution Paladins may now actually end up using Seal of the Crusader, as it now gives a 40% damage increase to their Crusader Strike.

The changes are listed after the jump, courtesy of World of Raids.

• Talent: Primal Fury (Rank 2) will now be properly unlearned when it is untalented.
• Talent: (Restoration)- Natural Perfection will no longer proc by normal melee attacks.

• Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter's level.
• Boar Charge: This ability will no longer make Growl cast immediately after it generates excessive threat.
• The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.
• Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.

• Polymorph: Mounted creatures will no longer remain mounted while polymorphed.
• Mage Armor no longer reduces the duration of beneficial magic buffs.
• Molten Armor will now do damage while a damage absorption shield is active.

• Flash of Light and Holy Light will now work properly with castsequence macros.
• Seal of the Crusader: This ability now increases the damage dealt by Crusader Strike by 40%.
• Crusader Strike (Retribution) will now properly receive a damage increase from Seal of The Crusader.
• Talent: Precision (Ranks 1-3) will no longer improperly display daggers and staves as a weapon class in the tooltip.
• Paladins that already have Apprentice Riding skill can now properly learn Summon Warhorse from the trainer.

• Fear Ward will no longer be consumed while under the effects of cyclone.
• Mana Burn: This spell can no longer trigger effects that require the target to be struck with a critical hit.
• Power Word:Shield now has the correct sound associated with it and can no longer be heard from large distances.
• Talent: Power Infusion will now consume the correct amount of mana when cast on yourself.

• Ability: Blade Flurry: This ability can no longer hit critters as its secondary targets and will now use a proper range calculation for all secondary targets.
• Talent: Mutilate (Assassination) will no longer incorrectly appear multiple times in the combat log when used.

• Ability: Frostbrand Weapon: Rank 6 damage has been increased very slightly.

• Drain Soul: Channeling of this spell will now always stop when a player target dies.
• Pets: Using a sacrifice effect to kill your own pet will no longer trigger effects that should only occur when killing an enemy.

• Sweeping Strikes: This ability can no longer hit critters as its secondary targets and will now use a proper range calculation for all secondary targets.

• Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter: This item will no lonber display a damage range in its tooltip.
• Crusader's Scaled Battlegear: Tooltip spelling corrected.
• Elixir of Demonslaying: This elixir now grants ranged attack power against demons as intended.
• Hazza'rah's Charm of Healing Haste rating reduced.
• Nightfall now has a chance to fail on targets over level 60.
• Ravager: Judgements will no longer auto-refresh and break the effect from this item while its effect is active.
• Renataki's Charm of Trickery has had its energy reduced.
• Shard of Azzinoth no longer shares any cooldown with Shaman Elemental totems.
• Shattered Sun Pendant of Might: The triggered effect from this item will no longer break Scattershot or other crowd-controlling affects. The visual on the Scryer version has been updated.
• Shifting Naaru Silver: Using this item no longer puts players into combat.
• Silithyst Dust: The bonus from turning this item in no longer works for players above level 63.
• Ten Storms Set: The Chain Heal bonus from this set has been reduced by 5%.
• Wushoolay's Charm of Nature Haste rating has been reduced.

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