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QNAP's NVR-1012 network surveillance kit watches goons, your wild offspring

Darren Murph

Ever peered up in a dimly lit parking lot only to spot a smattering of cameras peering at your every move? Now you too can have such a sophisticated monitoring system right around your own home thanks to QNAP's NVR-1012. The network surveillance kit is designed to provide "professional grade" live video recording abilities in homes and offices where hoodlums and malefactors tend to linger. The entire system is Linux-based and comes with a single NVR-101 server and a pair of IP cameras; reportedly, the solution is a breeze to install and every recording function can be carried out via an Internet Explorer window. Best of all, you'll even find 2-way audio capabilities, so you can have a quick chat with any caught-red-handed crooks or mischievous youngsters right before the fuzz / man of the house swarms in for capture. Talk about a thrilling way to spend a Thursday evening.

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