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Sirius Starmate 5 stops by FCC, XM gets a mention

Darren Murph

We'll cut straight to the chase: on the surface, there's nothing all that enthralling about the Sirius Starmate 5. In most every respect, it looks, smells and likely acts much like its predecessor. Granted, the color schemes have been updated a bit and you'll still find that delicious Sirius Replay support included, but the humdrum 5-line display, obligatory FM transmitter and bundled remote don't do much to get our saliva glands workin' overtime. As Orbitcast points out, however, there is one thing about the FCC filing that piques our interest more than anything else, and it's a simple phrase from a posted correspondence letter: "We used the satellite radio signal coming from either XM or Sirius." Whether or not this actually means anything is yet to be seen, but it makes for some decent fodder at the very least, yeah?

[Via Orbitcast]

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