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iPhone firmware hints strengthen case for GPS support

Chris Ziegler

We've heard that the 3G iPhone would add real, true, honest-to-goodness (no joke) GPS into the mix instead of the fakey guesstimation the current model offers, and data unearthed deep within the annals of the 2.0 firmware emulator lends credence to the scoop. Specifically, users have found references to NMEA data, the raw language used to communicate GPS coordinates between devices; that'd suggest that Apple's intending to offer official support for GPS add-ons at the very least, but more likely, it foretells the inclusion of a GPS receiver right in the glossy black shell itself. What that means for efforts like locoGPS (pictured) remains to be seen, but it'd be awfully nice of Stevie to let external modules talk to the new firmware features on original iPhones, wouldn't it?

[Via Navigadget]

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