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Hands-on with the Samsung i640v

Chris Ziegler

Windows Mobile Standard devices are a whole heck of a lot more refined now than they were in the early days, aren't they? Manufacturers have figured out what form factors seem to work best, the quality of the hardware has improved by leaps and bounds (though it admittedly can't ever really be good enough), and the handsets continue to find ways to squeeze blood out of the WinMo 6 stone by way of new capabilities and new skins. The i640v from Samsung -- a Vodafone exclusive for the moment, hence the "v" -- represents the pinnacle of everything Samsung has learned about making these non-touchscreen smartphones over the last several years, and we can honestly say it's one of the most refined and most attractive Windows Mobile phones we've ever used, period. It's pleasantly compact when closed, sliding open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard only when needed, and the mirrored finish with chrome accents gives it a high-end touch without crossing the gaudy line. The nav wheel spins just like the BlackJack II's, but the larger diameter is a welcome addition and makes navigating Vodafone's custom skin a breeze.

Samsung, T-Mobile, AT&T -- we implore you, bring a version of this to the States, preferably one with 3G that we can use, k? Thanks!

Thanks to the good folks at Wireless Imports for the hookup!


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