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AMD says post-Phenom CPUs will be "completely different," 100 laptops to launch with Puma

Nilay Patel

Although most of the attention in the increasingly-competitive CPU market has been focused on Intel and newcomer NVIDIA lately, AMD's still in it to win it, and it looks like it's taking some bold moves. First up, the company says over 100 laptop designs based on the new Puma mobile platform are being developed for delivery in June, over twice as many as it's had in the past. AMD's touting Puma's Hybrid Graphics mode that allows the system to intelligently switch between a Radeon HD3400 and integrated graphics for max power-savings, so it'll be interesting to see how the system stacks up against Intel's Atom and VIA's Isaiah -- like NVIDIA, AMD seems to be betting that consumers care more about graphics than raw horsepower.

That bet might also explain why AMD's technical director of sales and marketing Guiseppe Amato also recently told CustomPC that its next generation of chips will look "completely different" than Phenom, and that it will be capable of solving "problems that today we think can never be addressed by hardware." That's a pretty bold claim -- the whole processor market is getting pretty boastful lately, have you noticed? -- but we're at a loss to explain what it means. Any ideas?

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