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GTAIV in the GTA: Midnight Launch recap (Mississauga, ON)

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Unlike what Richard faced at Wal-Mart while picking up his copy of Grand Theft Auto IV at midnight, I saw me some crazy lines! Every gamer in Mississauga (near Toronto aka the Greater Toronto Area) must have turned up for the title because lines were huge! The shot you see above was the scene for the epic GTAIV Elite Console giveaway, which I wasn't able to snag a picture of, and after the jump is a picture of the line at my local EB Games.

Hundreds of people turned out in total at both locations but that isn't even the crazy part. The crazy thing is both stores are in the same plaza! Within a five minute walk customers can hit-up EB Games, Best Buy and FutureShop and all were opened for the midnight event (I didn't personally see FutureShop opened but someone told me they were).

Arriving on the scene at around 11:30 PM EST I jumped out of my car and snapped a few pictures of the Best Buy launch and then made my way down the plaza to the EB Games that I had pre-ordered the Special Edition. After waiting in line for about an hour, fueled by coffee and water, I had to make a tough decision. Sacrifice my bladder for the rest of my existence or get myself to the closest Tim Horton's on the ASAP!

I left. When I came back the line wasn't nearly as bad but I still waited for a while noticing the people who were behind me leaving as I arrived back on the scene! I pondered hitting the Best Buy, which was empty come 1:00 AM anyway, but I already paid for the title in full. According to my receipt I purchased the game at 1:53 AM.

Yes, I've been awake ever since.

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