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Guildwatch: The aftermath

Mike Schramm

Just want to get something straight, so you all sending in Downed news can be sure to work out the "notice" mechanic correctly: every guild gets to put just one boss on notice every week. You can't put instances on notice (although if you do, you have to clear that instance all in one go, and we're going to need video or it didn't happen), and you can't put more than one boss on notice -- otherwise, everyone would put everyone on notice. One boss per guild, per week. Any other kills after that are just bonuses.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the Guildwatch! Click the link below to see this week's drama, downed and recruiting news from around the realms, and be sure to send us your tips, from your guild or anyone else's at


  • Legendary Incompetence on Dark Iron apparently showed off exactly that -- after starting up a guild that was aiming to be "#1 after WotLK," members were happily leveling up and contributing their 5g a week in guild dues. You can probably guess what happens next. Yup, Icefury, the GL, skated with about 10,000g and everything in the guild bank and was never seen again. Surprised?
  • Rubberbreath on Firetree is apparently quite a guy -- not only does he post how great he is at PvP on his alts (and brag about ninja-ing guild banks), but he also posts "proof that we don't win trade." Unfortunately, the proof doesn't really hold out when, on the bottom of page 7, Nition shows up in the thread asking for the money Rubberbreath promised... for an Arena realm win. Good, as they say, game. Those Arena rule updates were designed exactly for people like Rubberbreath.
  • Whoah nelly we had a lot of email and action about the Kingdom of Fire "officers dont do officers like u did" drama last week. Tipsters from within the guild said that Shakkra didn't help the guild as much as Krazyhunter did, and that Shakkra was in blues while Krazy was in greens (sorry -- that justifies giving away something won in a roll to an alt?). Other KoF guild members claimed that Shakkra was trying to take down the guild from the inside. We're also hearing that Shakkra, after losing not one but a couple of rolls, was trying to stir up trouble inside the guild, and thus supposedly deserved the kick. Since the drama went down, we've heard that Krazyhunter has left the guild anyway, and at least one tipster asks for help to have them put this all behind. If you want advice from me, I'll tell you the same thing I'd say about any loot drama: it's just a game. Sure, Krazyhunter could have cooled her heels and maybe promised Shakkra the next Hunter piece that dropped, but Shakkra probably could have explained his case (rather than sending whispers around the guild), and maybe fixed things -- we also hear the guild was thinking about doing a DKP system at the time, which would have avoided all of this anyway. It's just a game, people -- both parties should probably have never let it go to the point that it did. On the other hand, we're kind of glad they did -- "officers dont do officers like u did" is pretty funny.
  • Indivisible on Alexstrasza proved their name wrong this week as well -- they blew up after losing one of their main tanks and main healers. It's been a while coming, though -- we're told they lost 7-10 core raiders in the last two months due to the GM and "his attitude towards progression." What that means, we're not sure. Was he for it or against it?
  • Well I guess since things have been so crazy the past few weeks, we might as well post some anti-drama, too: Villian's Requiem on Dragonblight is calling it quits even though they're #11 on the server and just about to take on Reliquary. As our tipster says, there are no tell screenshots, no major /gquits or /gkicks, and no drama to speak of -- all three GLs have had real life crop up (one headed off to the Air Force while another got a very nice job offer), and apparently everyone in the guild understands and wishes them luck. The guild is staying around for friends to keep contact but as a raiding guild, they're peacefully and calmly stepping out of the game. How incredibly... mature... of them. We can't get even one angry forum post about it?
  • Zaxef used to be in Panda Attack on Dark Iron, and now he wants to be in your guild. Except that he won't hesitate to tell you that your guild sucks. Don't be a jerk while posting a "WTB guild" post. Sounds obvious, right? Not to some people.
  • Is Thrall cursed as a server for progression guilds? There used to be three Horde guilds there: Enigma, Final Heaven, and a transfer guild named Prodigy. Some members of Enigma decided to split thinking they could lead a guild better, and the next day, the leader in Final Heaven ditched his guild as well to join up with them and start Death Group. But the turmoil killed all progression, and eventually Prodigy's GL transferred off server elsewhere in search of progression. Death Group is working on Bloodboil right now, but they're nowhere near where they would have been if the originally three guilds had been progressing the whole time.
  • I almost feel too bad for this poor kid to post his failed app here. Almost. Laugh at the app, not the kid though -- he'll know better when he gets older.
  • Aeracura, GM of Chaos Inc on EU Azjol Nerub, came back recently from sick leave to find the guild falling apart. Apparently officers (and the temporary GM) had been scheming to form up their own guild, and steal guild members away. Not a great thing to come back to after sick leave. Of course if anyone's out of the game, there's no reason to just sit there while they're away, but we're told these officers were whispering lies and trying to pull loyal members away.
  • Fuse on Cenarius got their guild bank ninja'd... and it brought up a whole lot of dirty laundry that gets aired out.
  • Our tipster thinks he's in the right on this one, but I'm not so sure. He used to be in Thats What She Said on Scilla as Katharan -- a while back he started up the guild with a couple of old friends, including someone named Bluishrain. He then vaguely says that drama happened, arguments began over raiding, and "people would get angry over loot distribution." Eventually, he split from the guild, but stayed in contact with the Vent server to chat with his old friends. One day, Bluishrain found him on the Vent server with some other friends, and banned them all, leading to this ingame tell between Bluishrain and Kartharan's alt. Now, there's no question that Blu is unhappy here, but I don't think Kartharan is telling us the whole story -- clearly he's done some things he hasn't shared with us. You don't get someone that angry at you without doing something stupid, and it seems, in my humble estimation, like Kartharan is playing the innocent here when he probably isn't.
  • Oblivion set up an old-school Naxx run, with the rules of the raid being 1) loot would go to anyone completing an 8/9 or 9/9 Tier 3 set, 2) shoulder enchants and the Phlactery go to members of Oblivion if they're an upgrade, and 3) everything is is /random 1000 if you can equip it. They Phlactery dropped, and of the rolls, a rogue in Blood Faith won. But remember that the Phlactery goes to Oblivion for organizing the raid, and so Oblivion took it. Dramatic forum posting ensues. Our tipster is right: epic cross-guild drama about Naxx is not something you see every day.
  • Prodigy on the Dragonblight server pulled a trifecta this week, getting guild-first kills of Archimonde, Mother Shahraz and The Illidari Council. Illidan has officially been put on notice. They're also recruiting a Holy Priest, Resto Druid, Elemental Shaman and Holy Paladin.
  • Trinity from Nordrassil-EU managed to take down the Lurker Below -- they were so anxious to finally drop him that they actually one-shotted him.
  • The Kirin Tor alliance of guilds known as Surf and Turf has now downed every boss in Karazhan, including the big flaming pile of bones. Gruul is officially on notice!
  • Infinity on Daggerspine downed Leotheras the Blind, High Astromancer Solarian, Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'Jin. They want to put Al'ar and Lady Vashj on notice, but I don't know why you guys keep missing this: it's one boss on notice per week. Al'ar this week, Vashj the next.
  • Scathe on Frostwolf has got Karazhan on farm and is working their way through Gruul's. Good luck.
  • Mystic Daggers on Azjol-Nerub has been walking that fine line between casual and raiding guild -- they've got Kara and Gruul on farm, and are working their way through ZA. Additionally, they've rocked Morogrim and Winterchill, and Vashj is on notice. Grats to all!
  • Mutiny of EU Khadgar-A handed Jan'Alai his feathers, downed Hydross like a cold beer, and one-shotted the Loot Below, leaving just a watery grave. They're also recruiting, if you want in on the action.
  • Double Fisted on Ghostlands entered SSC for the first time last night, with only 20 people, and yet they're so awesome that they became a T5 guild by killing Lurker Below on the fourth attempt.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles-H is rocking and rolling lately. They downed Magtheridon last week and once more again this week, and on the first trip to SSC they dropped both Lurker and Tidewalker off at day care (being sure to take that dangerous and shiny loot off of them first). Nice job.
  • The Stoic Guard on Mok'Nathal-A had a great run the other night -- Mag got down on the second attempt, and Gruul and HKM dropped on the first try. Very nice.
  • Blood Frenzy of Wildhammer downed Gruul with an epic three men left standing. The MT died at 3%, so two healers (including a resto Shammy spamming Lightning Bolts) and a Hunter had to take him down. Magtheridon is on notice!
  • Disciples of the Blade on Shattered Hand-A has been rolling along lately as well -- they're 4/5 in Hyjal, working on Archie, and have dropped Naj, Supremus, and Shade of Akama in BT. Grats!
  • Vendetta on Earthen Ring-H just downed Teron Gorefiend and have Azgalor on notice. They're also recruiting some well-geared enhance Shammies to up their melee DPS in raids. Apply over on their forums.
  • Dark Enmity is a guild on Khaz Modan-H that has downed Magtheridon for the first time on their own last week. They are also recruiting everyone, tanks and healers are a big plus.
  • Ripped took down Gruul and Mag for the first time last week, and repeated the feat Tuesday night in less than four hours! (Does that mean it's a Gruul-o-thon?) Lurker is on notice, and they're recruiting also, especially locks.
  • Kaizen formed less than a month ago from old members of Fellow Sophisticates on Hydraxis-A. The fresh start apparently did everyone good; the new guild has already gone above and beyond what the old was able to accomplish: they cleared Gruul's and went in to down Mags on their first night ever stepping foot in the door.
  • Aftershock on Dreadmaul is taking advantage of a brand new realm -- they just started the guild a little while ago, and have since the guild opened done server firsts of Kara, Gruuls and Mag, as well as Doomwalker and 4/6 SSC.
  • Alliance of Archangels on Frostmourne-A downed Solarian to go 3/4 TK, 1/6 SSC (SS above or it didn't happen). They also got to the third ZA timed chest with a minute left to go. Good job!
  • BAMF of Lightning's Blade has recently downed Leotheras, Void Reader, and Rage Winterchill. FLK is on notice!
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders downed Magtheridon on their first raid to his lair. They're also recruiting -- check the website for more info.
  • Silent Redemption from Feathermoon has downed Solarian and Rage Winterchill. Grats!
  • Death by Snoo Snoo on Ner'zhul has a silly name but not a silly record. In just a few months they've gone from Gruul and Mag to 4/5 in Hyjal. Archimonde is putting up a fight, but he's on notice for sure. Good luck, guys, very nice job so far.
  • Awry on Cenarius-H just recently finished off the first three bosses in Hyjal. Grats to them.
  • Motion on Exodar-H downed Al'ar and Astromancer on the same day, taking them to the magical 3/4, 5/6 progression. Vashj tries starting next week, but really, shouldn't they take out the Baron next? You know, alphabetically?
  • Your Mama on EU Ragnaros did their first Karazhan run and clear this week. They've been doing heroics, but only recently stepped up into the 10 man, and dropped almost all the bosses on their first try. Very nice.
  • Cruor Insurrectum of Blackwing Lair-H downed Netherspite (after 3 tries), Prince (one shot!), and Nightbane (after 2 tries) on their first night attempting those bosses. ZA is next -- bear boss is downed, but there's lots more trolls to kill in there.
  • Raelis on Garona-A has been here before for a few reasons, but this week they're here for downing FLK and Tidewalker. Solarian got dropped, too, and Vashj is on notice -- she'd be quaking in her boots if she wore them.
  • Darkness on Eitrigg-H downed Magtheridon for a guild first. He got one-shotted on the first try -- SSC is next on the agenda.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A finished up Hyjal by downing the big guy, Archimonde. Gurtogg is next.
  • Night Watch on Cenarion Circle finished off FLK and Tidewalker. Rock on.
  • Imminent, who are on the wrong (Alliance) side of Thunderhorn, where my Shaman is, finished off Mags and cleared out Gruul's -- they dropped back from SSC after some turmoil, but they're on their way back. Hydross is on notice (they wanted Lurker, too, but you only get one notice!).
  • Virtual Insanity on Echo Isles is working their way through Gruul's Lair, ZA, and continuing to farm Kara on a weekly basis. But they're also looking for additional healers and tanks. Raiding is on EST, Tues-Thurs and Fri-Sat Kara with Gruul's on Sunday and ZA on Wed. Check their website for more info.
  • Chicken on Rîce (Dark Iron) is geared and ready for Tier 5, but they're just short a couple healers/tanks. They're looking for a few 1800+heals (at least) priests or holy pallies, 1 pally tank, and 1 warrior tank. Kara is not on the schedule so be ready for Tier 5 or find another guild. Email them at chickenonrice at (no spam) gmail dot com for more info.
  • I Survived the Queue (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Tichondrius is recruiting a prot Pally, a resto Shammy, and a Destro Lock. They are 5/5 and 4/9 -- check their site to apply.
  • Elysian on Alleria-A is recruiting one restro Druid with 1800+ healing and 500 mana/5, and they just recently make short work of Anetheron.
  • LOS RUDOS on Firetree is a guild that's mostly Latin American (they speak English and Spanish), but is willing to take on anyone. They're farming Kara and headed for Gruul and Mags next.
  • Combined Arms on Uldum would like to let the world know that they are recruiting Holy Paladins and Resto Shamans geared up through T4 for progression raiding through SSC and TK. Whisper an officer ingame for information.
  • Exiles on EU Shattered Halls-A are currently recruiting people for SSC and the rest of TK.
  • Bizarro on Khaz'goroth (Oceanic) is recruiting most classes for BT (4/9) and MH (5/5) leading up to Sunwell. They're a serious raiding guild with a three night raid schedule based on East Coast Australian evening raid times. If you're a dedicated Khaz player or willing to transfer, look them up.
  • Vitiosus Letum is a relatively young Horde guild on the Durotan server, and is currently running Karazhan, Zul'Aman, and Gruul's Lair weekly with some ventures to The Eye under their belt. They are looking for all druid specs, hunters, and paladin tanks and healers are a top priority right now.
  • The Watchmen on Kul'Tiras-A was a longstanding guild (from pre-BC) that stalled in progression, we're told, at SSC and TK. So a few officers have left to start up The Pheonix -- they're at 4/5 and 3/9, and now recruiting mature players for late endgame raiding.
  • Kharma of Kul Tiras-H is seeking healers for raiding -- apparently their tanks are whining that "bandages aren't enough." They are an adult guild that has Kara on farm and starting ZA, with 25-mans on the near horizon while still keeping a casual atmosphere and flexible schedule.
  • Spectacular Death, those retro raiders that Lisa interviewed a while back, are thinking about taking on Karazhan for the first time, but they want one more healer at 70. If you're a 70 healer with a big taste for retro raiding (and are willing to take it easy on progression -- they're happier staying out of BC, but some of them do want to try Kara), look them up. Not just anybody would probably fit with them, but maybe you will.
  • Dark Omens is recruiting mature players (21 and up) of all classes. They have Kara, Gruuls and parts of SSC on farm and are looking for new guildies (specifically Mages and Pallies) to join in the fun!
  • Silent Chaos on Kargath-H is looking for some new recruits to level, kill Allies, and generally have a good time.
  • Incite on Alleria-A has dropped Kael, and they're proud to say that they did it while raiding only three nights a week. "Organization, Patience and Focus," they say, "are what makes a guild successful." You can see their recruiting needs over on their site in the top-left hand corner.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H just downed Akil'zon, and they're still recruiting for Gruuls and a second Kara group. All raid-ready player and classes are welcome to apply, and acceptance is based on the person, not the character. Mature players and real-life couples seeking a like group are highly encouraged.
  • Latenight Pwnography is recruiting all classes for farming Kara and beyond. They are mainly looking for healers and ranged DPS, and raid Tuesday, Friday and weekend evenings.
  • Collateral Damage of Vek'nilash-A is currently 6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK and 1/5 Hyjal, and they're looking for the best class ever: Shamans, to join up in their raiding endeavors. Resto is preferred but enhance or elemental are fine, too. Raid nights are Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun, and all raids end by midnight CST. If you're interested in a fun guild that's progressing quickly, look them up.
  • Bovine Fury on Dalaran has Karazhan on farm and is working through ZA. They're looking for some more raiders to head to 25 man content, and maybe even working on an alliance with another guild around the same place. No drama to report, but if you want to help them progress (either with your guild or theirs), let them know.
  • Team Four is recruting late night raiders on the Garona server. They raid from 1am until around 4am five nights a week -- hit their forums to get involved.
  • Generations of Lothar-A has just completed Karazhan (Nightbane last week), and are recruiting all classes to fill up a second raid group. Gruul's is in the future as well.
  • Baraka on Gorgonnash has a rapidly growing raid contingent that has been working on SSC and TK. They're always looking for people, but please leave your ego at the door.
That's it for this week's GW!. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and this hilarious Vent recording. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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