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IOGEAR intros Dual-Link DVI KVMP switch alongside two others

Darren Murph

Eager to get busy with multiple workstations on a single monitor, are you? If so, IOGEAR's providing three more ways to get you there, starting with the 2-port GCS1802 and 4-port GCS1804. The $199.95 / $299.95 KVMP (Keyboard, Video, Mouse, Peripheral) switches each enable USB 2.0 peripherals to be shared, and you'll also find support for 2.1 audio. The real winner, however, is the 4-port GCS1204, which handles dual-link DVI with nary a grumble. Granted, that one will set you back a stiff $449.95, but at least it -- along with those other two -- is available right now.

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