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Mug shots of Verizon's Nokia 6205

Chris Ziegler

What's blue, silver, and boring all over? If you guessed the Nokia 6205, well, you clearly knew something about the phone you were holding back to us -- but nonetheless, go ahead and give yourself a gold star and a pat on the back for a job well done. The low-end flip for Verizon, which we'd mentioned not long ago, has finally been exposed in all its entry-level glory; don't get us wrong, we're delighted that Espoo seems to be back in the thick of the CDMA hunt, but we think we're going to hold out for something just a little more visually stimulating than this. The lack of EV-DO isn't helping its case either, though we suppose the external controls and camera flash are welcome additions for the folks who actually hold out until its alleged mid-June release.

Update: Peep that little "EV" signal strength indicator up there? Looks like there might be a 3G radio hiding in this one, after all. If so, kudos, Nokia! Thanks, VZW_Emp!

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