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Rumor: New Prince of Persia screens and info


It would seem that Ubisoft's new entry in the Prince of Persia series has become a little bit clearer thanks to French magazine Joypad. Purported scans from the magazine have hit the net with screens of a cel-shaded Prince doing his princely business (you know, running, jumping, killing monsters, that kind of thing). A rough translation of the info (courtesy of NeoGAF) reveals that the Prince must "unleash light-wells to heal a corrupted world." Doing so causes real-time changes to the environment (plants magically regrowing, etc.). Of course, it's the Prince's fault that the world is corrupted. He frees an evil god, you see (always getting into trouble, that Prince).

The time mechanic has been ditched, though the Prince retains his athletic and acrobatic prowess. A new combat system has been devised to take advantage of this, featuring fewer enemies to make for more intense one on one combat. The number of bosses has also been reduced, the developers having decided to make them more central to the story and more memorable. Hit the "read" links for more details.

Read -- NeoGAF translation (the forum is currently down)
Read -- Prince of Persia screens

[Via Joystiq]

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