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Seen @ Huntington GTA IV launch: A history of Nerf-related violence

The brave souls who soldiered through the vast queue at the Gamestop in downtown Huntington, W. Va. were put through a rigorous gauntlet of trials and tribulations before being rewarded with Rockstar's blockbuster shoot em' up -- including, but not limited to a freak, unseasonal cold front; a somewhat humorous (but unfortunately brief and unphotographed) drive-by water balloon strike; and alarming in-line discussions of bomb recipes and Sedan-mounted automatic weaponry.

However, the most disturbing sight seen at the launch is pictured above -- a tragic crime scene, just a few feet away from the store's registers. These two poor fellows were just mere moments from claiming their respective copies of the much anticipated title, leaving behind a puzzling forensic tableau. Hastily driving from the event with copies of Grand Theft Auto IV in hand, we were left with these pertinent questions:
  • What kind of altercation could have lead to this unfortunate double homicide?
  • What modifications were made to the pictured Nerf guns that imbued them with lethal force?
  • What sort of Crime Scene Investigation squad leaves behind the murder weapons in such a public place?
  • Most importantly, why did Gamestop remain open following this horrible act of violence?

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