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China Mobile delivers production 3G network in time for Olympics

Chris Ziegler

A nice, thick blanket of 3G might still be years away for China, but who the heck knows -- if they can keep fast-tracking it like they're doing here, maybe they can tighten up that schedule just a teensy bit. After kicking off a trial... like, whoa, this month, China Mobile has already blessed a large enough swath of its nascent TD-SCDMA coverage to deliver some 15,000 compatible Samsung handsets, data cards, and 3 million yuan (about $430,000) worth of minutes to the Beijing Olympic Games' organizing committee this week. It's said that the hardware will be doled out to staff and volunteers helping to get the Games in order, giving them something to do with their leisure hours (we suppose) as they put the finishing touches on the many event venues spotting the city, and presumably, China will be working hard to play up its technological achievement come game time later this year. If you can call a proprietary 3G protocol that lags its CDMA and WCDMA competition by years a "technical achievement," anyway.

[Via mocoNews]

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