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CoH Podcast available via iTunes


Although we here at Massively have our own podcast, and even though we've showcased other podcasts in the past, we missed one important offering in our MMOG podcast roundup last year. The CoH Podcast -- ably presided over by Chooch and Viv -- is a wonderful roundup of CoX news and events. A tasteful plate of information and opinion served up in under an hour, the CoH Podcast informs and amuses, and it's available via iTunes. Currently on Episode 21, they've been providing their own spin around the streets of the City since October 2007.

Feel free to browse their listener forums, look over their screen captures, or simply subscribe to one of the better podcasts streaming across the web. When you're done listening, they welcome feedback. And if you want to speak with them directly, feel free to give them a call ... their telephone number is on the main page of the site. Don't worry, though: I have it on the best authority that the number doesn't spell bubkiss.

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