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Verizon to launch Samsung Glyde on May 9

Chris Ziegler

We've learned from a trusted source that one of the jewels in Verizon's summer 2008 crown, the Samsung Glyde, will finally freaking launch on May 9. Despite a wealth of both in-the-wild and press quality photography of the phone over the past few weeks, it's been less and less clear when exactly Verizon was planning on actually offering it, so we're glad to finally have a date -- particularly considering that it's less than two weeks away. That'll give the Glyde a few comfortable weeks atop the heap ahead of the Dare's arrival, so enjoy it while you can, Samsung.

Update: It'll be $299.99 on a two-year plan before rebate, $369.99 on a one-year, and $419.99 with no strings attached.

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