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DISH Optical Network to bring service to apartments

Darren Murph

For many answering our latest inquiry, switching from cable to satellite simply isn't possible. If you're stuck in an apartment or other form of multiple dwelling unit, there's at least a fighting chance that your landlord won't allow the drilling and such typically required to get a dish installed. To that end, DISH Network will soon be rolling out its DISH Optical Network service, which essentially takes satellite delivered material beamed to "a group of dishes" and pipes the content over fiber lines to up to 128 subscribers. Needless to say, this could be a real boon for leasers who only have a limited selection for programming, but sadly, we'll be forced to wait until rollouts begin in undisclosed locales "later this year" before wrapping our heads around a price.

[Via The Capital Times, image courtesy of Sat Pro Atlanta]

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